04 December 2014

Christmas is coming closer and closer and everywhere you see Christmas things in the shops that reminds us about the cosy warm time of the year where we decorate the home beautiful with all kind of things, and it’s the time where we eat a lot of nice food together with our family. 

Here at home we are not doing a lot for Christmas yet, because we want to finish Sinterklaas here first, which will be tomorrow. My youngest one still believes in Sinterklaas and Santa, so it’s very important for her and very exiting. My oldest one finds it just as exiting to decorate for Christmas (which we will do Saturday) as for the evening of Sinterklaas.

But unfortunately these two events cross each other a little bit every year. Sinterklaas is the 5th of December and the Christmas calendars already starts the 1st of December so we have to do both things for a few day’s together.

This year I made a cute little landscape for our calendar candle and the girls love it. I love all the natural things you can use for Christmas and not so much all that bling bling, so I think that I will use a lot of green and wood when we saturday decorate for Christmas!!

What do you prefer to decorate with for Christmas?

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