02 September 2014

New inspiration

When I work on a new collection, it’s nice to (in advance) look for inspiration that inspires me and give me new impulses. I am therefore very grateful for Pinterest for how easily you there can store pictures and save for later use.

For the new Dig&Mig collection in 2015, I especially went looking for new/old retro patterns and retro elements that I can apply in form and color. But I also try to use new patterns and trends that have nothing to do with retro. The combination of old and new is so much fun to combine and sometimes creates surprisingly new products which (I hope) can turn a smile on people’s faces and give them the "must-have-factor'.

I have made a small selection here from pictures I used lately for inspiration for the girls. The boys come another time.

Do you find it fun to browse among lots of great pictures and look for inspiration for kids with a retro twist? Then it also might be nice to follow me on Pinterest and see what further inspires me and what I like. If you click here you will come directly to my Pinterest page and all my boards.

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