04 September 2014

Elephant cuddle

I have decided to show you some of my latest blog post from my web shop. I started a blog there not so long ago, but I am not quite sure how many people read my blog there, so I want to show you it here as well. I hope you will like it as well as my old blog post and if you all ready have seen it, I hope you don't mind reading it twice.

I would here like to show how easy you can combine this sweet brown elephant with other colors in a nursery. 

A brown accessory is in a shop often left over because it perhaps looks too basic or boring, but this is not true. Especially in combination with other colors, the color brown comes much nicer to his right and looks suddenly very warm and tough instead.

The little brown elephant from Dig&Mig is here a very good example of how well that it would fit as a cuddle or an accessory in this room. Here you can also see how graphic prints combined with old wood and toys often work very nicely together, and browns go very well with fresh colors and give a nice balance in the room.

You often hear people say they are afraid to use bright colors or accents, but my feeling is that the opposite often is true. Many people tend to prefer to only use cheerful and bright colors and forget how much nicer a room is when there is a more balance in tones, and that you can for example get with some brown accents in a boy’s nursery.

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