03 September 2014

Buba B in the sportlight

Buba B is a very nice, cheerful shop that came out of a passion for vintage and retro, colors, fabrics, bags and gadgets. This passion is translated into a concept that mainly is colorful, a little quirky and above all retro!

The name buba B (boeba B) is Elizabeth's (the owner) own childish translation from Serbian and means a baby ladybug. As a child of the seventies with a sentimental touch buba B stands for nostalgia and that is what she wants to show to everybody in the shop. Further a ladybug means happiness and love.

Elizabeth works closely with the brand Huisteil Creations and together they make a number of products for babies and children, such as belts and belt bags, sportbags and care mats. Next to that makes buba B a limited edition of accessories, including soft toys, rattles, crib hangers and bags. They do this with a lot of love and a good dose of retro power!

Besides her own collection you can also found, at buba B, original and special creations by Dutch designers such Huisteil Creations, Pimpkid and Funky Stuff Design. You'll also find the unique bag collection of the Danish brand Rice, and wonderful items of Froy & Dind, Tranquillo and Mr & Mrs Clynk. But of course she also sells products from Dig&Mig like the cute stuffed elephants and kittens, the boy and girl crackle doll and not to mention the papers retro lamp that was also shown in the Flow together with Buba B.

Are you curious who Buba B is? Take a look here on her website and if you have a weakness for retro stuff, you should definitely not miss this one. Have fun!

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